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Brand: Riham Model: Rockboom can
Canned Rockboom Energy Drink 250ML PackIt is proudly celebrated as the first Ugandan made energy drink! Now available in a prestigious can! It contains a blend of caffeine and energy base for providing mental and physical stimulation, i.e vitalizes the body and mind.KEY FEATURESPrestigious can packa..
Brand: Riham Model: Funtime Fruity 2L
Riham Funtime Fruity 2 LitresVibrant, bubbly, and instantly refreshing. Funtime is caffeine free and comprises of a well-structured balance of natural flavourings from various mixed berries; It’s bold taste & vibrant flavouring enhance the product’s unique and satisfying fruity taste. Riham Funt..
Brand: Riham Model: Riham Funtime Orange
Riham Funtime Orange 2 LitresVibrant, bubbly, and instantly refreshing. Funtime is caffeine free and is enriched with natural orange flavourings, which give the product a great sweet tickling orange taste. Riham Funtime, Fun all the time! Best served chilled. Enjoy the family pack, essential for big..
Brand: Riham Model: Lavita Pineapple 2L
Riham Lavita Pineapple 2 LitresThis is a premium non-alcoholic malt-based soft drink enriched with malt extracts and pineapple flavouring that give the product a tickling pineapple taste. Lavita Pineapple malt, Taste difference! Best served chilled. Enjoy the family pack, essential for big gathering..
Brand: Riham Model: Water 1.5L
Riham Natural Mineral Water 1.5LISO certified water will quench your thirst. Riham natural mineral water preserves mother-nature constituents in every drop. Its processing steps are all about making every sip as fresh as the very first drop of rain. Riham natural mineral water is vibrant and delicio..
Brand: Riham Model: Soda Water
Riham Soda Water 320MLCarbonated water with an effervescent feeling. Select from a wide range of Unique products on Jumia and enjoy convenient and secure online shopping, delivery, guaranteed products and competitive pricing.Grab this deal and more at unbeatable prices with doorstep delivery.KEY FEA..
Brand: Riham Model: Juice
Rockboom Energy Drink 320ml x 1It is made from natural apple juice concentrates giving a sweet & distinct taste of apple juice flavour, & an aroma that is typical of natural apple fruit juice.Concentrated apple juice drink with added sugar.KEY FEATURESValue for money Moderate sugar..
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