About Us

Soko Uganda is an initiative, which was developed in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives; Abercom Uganda Technologies Ltd, and Uganda Manufacturers Association in 2018 with the aim of marketing Ugandan products and thus help to increase market access for locally-manufactured product (goods and services) in both domestic and global markets. Basically, it supports the creation  of efficient supply chains. Soko Uganda is free of charge and any manufacturer in Uganda is entitled to have their products uploaded if they meet the standardisation requirement.

The online platform was developed under the guidance of the Government’s BUBU policy with the view of enhancing the participation of local firms in domestic trade.


Many Ugandans consume less of our local products due to different reasons like; inadequate access to some of the products, poor quality of some products, which has created bias, limited advertisement reach and high prices of some of the products.


The solution was designed to tackle each problem and solve the raised issues by creating an online advertising portal that would make available reach and access of products manufactured in Uganda, though only standardized products will be showcased to prove the good quality of Ugandan products. Soko Uganda will carry out campaigns for the project which will create awareness about your product and our portal, our prices will be pegged on the factory price since majority of middle men who hike prices will be eliminated which creates competitive price figures that is affordable to majority of the consumers.


To accomplish are that in 3 years the project is worldly known and anybody who wants to buy Ugandan product can access it, people in Uganda can be able to purchase more of their own. More employment creation due to the scale of demand and supply.

Improved quality in Uganda and promoted local content.

This initiative is part of the BUBU policy and is expected to encourage local manufacturers to showcase their potential and let the world know what we produce as a nation.


The BUBU Expo is an annual three (3) day event under a Private-Public Partnership between the Ministry of Trade and Cooperatives (MTIC) and Investment Review Publications that was first held on 7-9th March 2019 at Kololo Independence Grounds and attracted over 350 exhibitors, 45 sponsors in various categories and hosted over 500 delegates to the BUBU Expo Awards Gala Dinner.
The BUBU Expo aims at promoting the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) VISION policy by:

  • Providing a platform to market all goods and services made in Uganda.
  • Supporting local producers access cheap and patient capital.
  • Encouraging and building patriotism in the general public.
  • Enhancing networking and coordination around the BUBU policy.